Newsletter 03/2020

Chairman's Message

AusBG Board Update

As is the case with all businesses around the glove, AusBG has been reviewing the impact of COVID -19 on our day to day operations. AusBG Board has been looking at new ways to support and engage members during this difficult time. 

AusBG News

Australia - Seek out real news

In these uncertain times, we are inundated with new information and updates from around the world.  To help you keep informed both here in the UAE and in Australia we have listed below a list of reliable sources and contact numbers. Click here for all the contact information 

Legal updates

Pandemics and the Law


These are challenging times, affecting almost all industries regardless of geography simultaneously. It is vital that business owners prepare themselves, AusBG 50 Club member, Lee McMahon outlines some useful migration strategies on how businesses can navigate this situation. 

Member profile

Rick Parish, Aquarius Global Limited

Ricks' latest project has seen Aquarius Global develop a number of technology initiatives for Rapid Covid-19 Response, which are now in the market in fact the first units sold globally are here in UAE. 

Sponsors Updates

Global Victoria Upate

AusBG Board members Kate Midttun and Anna Burbury had the pleasure of attending the GVw 2020 in Melbourne, for International Women's Day.  Kate Midttun, "Wonderful to see equality in sport, infrastructure, fashion and leadership coming through. 

Member News

Covid-19 : Buiness Continuity

As COVID-19 gathers momentum, directors are turning their attention to business continuity and considering the short, medium- and long-term steps they need to be taking to help their organisations navigate this uncertainty. 

Business News Abu Dhabi

Ecomomic Stimulas Package for Abu Dhabi

On Monday 16 March, The Government of Abu Dhabi launched a stimulus package for immediate action to support businesses, under the Ghadan 21. For more information on the packages for SME's click here.

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