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The Government of Western Australia Trade Office Dubai hosted a luncheon meeting on 11 September with Ms Rebecca Brown, Director General, Government of Western Australia on her first visit to UAE.

Representatives of Australia's government, business and not-for-profit sectors represented in the UAE were present at the event. 

Ms Brown was appointed to the role of Director General in September 2018 and is responsible for attracting investment to WA, and overseeing the State Government's agenda to diversify the economy and create jobs for Western Australians.

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The WA State Government's Future Battery Industry Strategy 

WA is looking to use a full vertical integration method to ensure its abundance of natural resources, key in battery development, are processed locally growing the production of this highly demanded product and becoming a leading exporter globally.

The rapid uptake of electric vehicles and battery-based energy storage systems around the world is driving global demand for lithium-ion batteries. Electric vehicle and battery manufacturers are securing sources of minerals, materials and components to meet this increase in demand representing a significant opportunity for the State.

Western Australia has substantial reserves of all the battery minerals used in the manufacture of rechargeable batteries, including: large quantities of lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese and alumina. WA is the global leader in lithium production and is also home to the fourth largest vanadium and manganese resources, the second largest reserves of cobalt and the largest nickel resources. It also produces non-battery minerals used in the manufacture of electric vehicles and energy storage systems, including rare earth elements that are necessary for the production of electric motors.

The State Government is committed to growing the State into a leading exporter of future battery minerals, materials, technologies and expertise. The Future Battery Industry Strategy aims to grow Western Australia’s future battery industry and transform it into a significant source of economic development, diversification, jobs and skills.


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