Newsletter 07/2019

Austrade update

Trade Barrier Update

Australia’s Free Trade Agreements have opened up new opportunities for exporters around the world, but addressing non-tariff trade barriers (NTBs) also have real potential to create opportunities for Australian businesses.  NTBs come in many forms, like red tape or trade rules that restrict the flow of goods and services.  Examples include market-specific labelling requirements, mandatory animal testing for cosmetics, lack of recognition of Australian qualifications, onerous and expensive licencing requirements. 

The Australian Government is stepping up efforts to reduce or remove NTBs.  See:  The Australian and UAE Governments enjoy an excellent bilateral relationship with strong trade and investment links.  The ministerial-level Joint Economic Committee (JEC) provides a platform for us to discuss and resolve any issues that might affect free trade and investment flows.  We expect the next JEC to take place within the next six months.  The Embassy is leading work to identify and understand NTBs affecting Australian business in the UAE.  If your business is being affected by NTBs please get in touch:



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