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The Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AACCI) and The Australian Business Group, Abu Dhabi (AusBG) announced that they have agreed to a collaboration aimed at strengthening trade ties between Australia and the UAE.

The partnership will combine AACCI’s vast business intelligence in the Gulf region with AusBG’s long history of providing a diverse networking platform for Australian businesses and interests based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and surrounding regions.

Ellecia Saffron, Chair of AusBG, notes that “AusBG has always been about spotting opportunities for Australian businesses and agencies, and then bringing the interested parties together.”
However, Ms. Saffron is quick to add that AusBG is not just about investors and opportunities, “It is the diversity of our membership that is AusBG’s strength. Our network brings ready-made support from existing members, who can help navigate the functional aspects of starting a business in and around the UAE. For Australian enterprises new to the region, having access to such a knowledge resource is critical to achieving success in such a dynamic commercial, and cultural, environment.”

AACCI’s President and National Chairman, Roland Jabbour OAM is looking forward to the partnership fostering even greater economic and business ties between Australia and the Gulf Region. “AACCI has a history of being part of business in the Gulf dating back to 1975. But to understand the region is to understand that local knowledge and support, particularly that gained from businesses already operating in places like Abu Dhabi, is invaluable” he said.
Mr. Jabbour continued by expressing the importance of expanding on key sectors as well as accessing new opportunities. “Australian companies already have significant involvement in the UAE, but there is still a huge scope for additional, and emerging, opportunities to be overseen by Australian businesses,” he said.
To clarify, Mr. Jabbour pointed out the potential for continued Australian expansion in the areas of education, agriculture, investment, infrastructure, aviation, and tourism. “To do that, we need to focus on increasing, and consolidating, business to business relationships within these sectors. AACCI and AusBG working together creates an environment where relationships can thrive,” he said. “Furthermore, in working closely with AusBG, I am certain that the AACCI, and AusBG, stand to gain significant business influence within in the region. Both jointly, due to this new and exciting collaboration, as well as the increased individual recognition that the connection will create for both our organisations.”

AACCI and AusBG members will soon have access to events and opportunities resulting from this new partnership. Members are encouraged to monitor their email boxes for news, and to check in regularly with their respective organisations to stay up to date.

To find out more please visit the AACCI website at, or contact AusBG at

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