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Whats On for Aussies in the GCC

For Australian business interests in Dubai, 1993 was a landmark year. Growing interest from Australian businesses in what was then a fledgling Middle East country saw the formation of the first Australian Business Group in the region.

Here in 2016, after 23 years of growth and partnership between Australia and the Middle East, there are Australian Business Groups in every GCC country.
The amount of Australian businesses and business groups in the GCC continues to grow. A situation that has encouraged Australian Business Groups in the region to share their resources and networks via the newly formed Australian Business Group Middle East Association (ABMA).
From a strategic point of view, this amalgamation serves to create a not for profit association of support for all Australian business groups and their members, along with access to an open regional network.
As companies become more established, they might seek opportunities to expand their interests to other GCC countries, or indeed seek to have access to markets throughout the entire region. To assist such expansion, ABMA has just launched a web portal that links the six Australian business groups together. The website will enable members in any GCC region to seamlessly access business, networking, or social events.

Additionally, ABMA will provide business news, and allow strategic collaboration within the affiliated groups. This will aid in opening new channels of communication, and so increase opportunities and business connections for all of its members.
Ellecia Saffron, Chair of Australian Business Group Abu Dhabi (AusBG) looks forward to the opportunities ABMA will bring.
“There has always been an informal collaboration between the Australian business groups,” Ellecia said, “but ABMA will form the foundation for a new and exciting era for Australian businesses in the GCC and is something our members have been wanting for some time. ABMA is the result of true collaboration and service from those on the board of each group.”

"With over 1500 participating members our networks are extensive and continue to grow in their influence" Penny Couchman, Chair of The Australian Business Council Dubai, said today.

ABMA is grateful to be endorsed and supported by Australian Ambassadors in each region as well as the Senior Trade Commissioner Mr Gerard Seeber.
“This initiative is a great development for Australian businesses seeking opportunities in the region. It will strengthen Team Australia and will add to our many success stories to date. I’m delighted to encourage the efforts of Australian business groups in the region to help improve communication with colleagues and share information and know-how.” HE Arthur Spyrou, Australian Ambassador UAE.

ABMA's exciting new web portal was launched simultaneously by all groups involved on October 12th. In Oman HE Dr Ralph King officiated the launch of Oman’s participation at The Australian Business Groups Oman's networking event, held at the Intercontinental Hotel, Muscat, on October 12th 2016.
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