Newsletter 03/2017

A word from the Ambassador

My thoughts after a year in the role...

January 2017 marked the end of my first year in the role as Australian Ambassador to the UAE. It has been an exciting 12 months coming to grips with a new environment and a new role.  One of my pleasures during this time was discovering the high number and high calibre of Australian business representatives and other Australian professionals in the UAE. Australian businesses play a central role in how we as a country are perceived in the UAE and I’m proud to be able to take some reflected glory from that good work. Based on what I have seen and heard, Australians have a reputation for possessing an excellent work ethic, a professional but friendly approach, and a can-do approach to delivery.

That said, I think it is imperative that we develop better relationships between senior business and other leaders and an increased awareness of each other’s countries. I still think it is true that most UAE leaders and business people have a better feel for developments in European and US markets. This is why the Australian Government, through Austrade, runs AU MENA, which will be in Dubai on 13-14 March 2017 and this year has the theme of “Collaborate to Innovate”. Australia has a great story to tell in the UAE, for example we are on track to claim a very welcome world record, 104 quarters, or 26 years, of uninterrupted economic growth. We can’t deny that some of it is due to luck – we have resources that the world needs – but a large part of it is also due to the quality of our people and the work they do. I am very optimistic for the future of the relationship and feel there are big gains to be made in education, health, food, and professional services, which is where I will focusing my effort. I wish you every success for 2017.

Arthur Spyrou

Australian Ambassador to the UAE

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