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We have uploaded the Expat Series - Is the Housing Property Market Going to Crash?  if you would like to review it or share it with friends.

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Australian property prices look to be on a rocketing path, with first home buyers, low-interest rates and FOMO (fear of missing out) fuelling the demand for the start of 2021. However, with stimulus packages coming to an end, and international borders remaining closed, can this extraordinary demand for property continue? And, what impact will this have on expats trying to establish themselves in the Australian property market?

Join SMATS Group, in conjunction industry expert, Craig Holding and Australian Business Council of Abu Dhabi, for an exclusive free webinar that will provide important context around the climate and strength of Australia's property market fundamentals. Forecasting positive price growth in 2021, Executive Chairman of SMATS Group Steve Douglas will cover topics, including:

- Is Australia' housing market going to crash?
- How to buy & sell property as an expat?
- Savings required to buy an investment property or future family home?
- Alternatives to traditional property investment
- Australian mortgage update for expats 
- Prediction for the Aussie dollar in 2021.

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