The Importance of Intellectual Property for Any Business


Date:29/06/2020 - 29/06/2020
Time:14:00 - 15:00

Join the Abu Dhabi Business Groups for a live webinar in collaboration with the Canadian Business Council and AVID Intellectual Property. Intellectual Property (IP) is arguably one of the most important aspects that lead to a company’s success. Having a good understanding of IP and taking the proper steps to protect your company’s IP will help give a company a better chance in succeeding. All businesses have IP, which should be protected, it may be a trademark, copyright, patent, industrial design and more. Imagine where Apple would be if it did not file for any patents or McDonalds if they did not register or protected their trademark.

The session will help the audience understand:

  • What intellectual property is.
  • Types of intellectual property.
  • The importance of intellectual property protection for a business enterprise.
  • Defending a company’s IP rights and avoiding infringement against other company’s rights.
  • The added value of protecting your intellectual property.


Victor Siriani, Managing Partner and Founder at AVID Intellectual property. Victor has a Bachelor's degree in Commerce with a concentration in finance, and a Masters in Law in Intellectual Property and Technology. Victor has over 15 years’ experience in intellectual property in the Middle East. In addition, Victor also trains lawyers and legal consultant on IP law through the Dubai Legal Affairs Department as part of the Continuing Legal Professional Development Programme.


Awais Chughtai, Relationship Manager of Canadian Business Council Abu Dhabi. He provides valuable support to corporate and individual members of CBC to expand their professional network of contacts and enhance their presence in the business community. He is also actively involved in organising social events to bring Canadians and friends of Canada together. Awais holds a Master's degree in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing. He has worked internationally, including in the UK, Pakistan and the Middnd non-CBC members: Complimentary

Participating Business Councils:

  • AmCham Abu 
  • Australian Business Group Abu Dhabi
  • British Business Group Abu Dhabi
  • Canadian Business Council Abu Dhabi
  • International Business Women Group



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