Blockchain Technology


Time:18:30 - 20:30
Venue:ADGM Auditorium, Al Maryah Island

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Speakers' Profiles:

Gustavo Montero, co-Founder and Chairman of Agar LLC

Mr. Gustavo Montero, is a Senior Independent Blockchain Advisor. He is a trained Engineer , a Swiss national and has advised a number of Blockchain Companies in the last few years. Among others, he was the co-Founder and Chairman of Agar LLC. He has over 25 years international banking experience with senior roles at Standard Chartered Bank, Cramer Bank and a global audit positions for International Organisations. More recently, Gustavo has advised some of the world’s largest family offices on their investment activities. Gustavo specializes in Blockchain Development, Blockchain products and solutions. Blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger technology on which Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies are based. The uses for blockchain are numerous ranging from smart contracts to cryptocurrencies,digital identities, supply chains, auditing and many more. The Blockchain technology itself is applicable to most transaction based business and mostly anything currently on the internet. And much more than we can imagine.

Hans Fraikin, CEO Libra Project Asset Management

Hans Fraikin was born in Montreal, Canada, but is a citizen of the world, having lived and worked in 10 countries around the globe (Canada, USA, France, England, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Korea,Indonesia, and the UAE). As a result, he speaks four languages and is renowned as a “cultural decoder”. Hans Fraikin isthe CEO of Libra Project, a Impact Investment start-up specialized in clean-energy infrastructure projects. Libra is the world's 1st Impact Investment asset management firm based on a blockchain platform Their mission is to design and build renewable, clean energy projects in developing economies. 

Steve Pomfret, Founder & CEO of Cygnetise

Steve has spent the majority of his career working within operational change within large banks and brokers, including Credit Suisse, UBS, Instinet and Deutsche Bank. He has acted as an internal consultant, troubleshooting areas to improve efficiency and minimise risk. Areas covered include emerging markets,investment banking, custody fund administration, wealth management, trade finance and corporate banking.  As CEO of Cygnetise he has delivered a live, commercial Blockchain application. Cygnetise is one of the first commercial uses of Blockchain outside of cryptocurrencies used across multi industry sectors. 


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