About AusBG - Australian Business Group Abu Dhabi

AusBG was formed to bring together Australians engaged in business activities in Abu Dhabi. Its objectives are to provide a networking forum for members to gain knowledge of the business environment and to keep abreast of the fast developing economic and business opportunities. In doing so, AusBG seeks to contribute to the promotion of trade and investment between Australia and the UAE.

AusBG works very closely with the Australian Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Australian Consulate-General in Dubai and the various State Government offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to ensure that Australian businesses currently in the region continue to succeed, and to ensure Australian businesses coming into the region are in a position to make well-informed decisions that will drive their success. In other words, a "Team Australia" approach is very much adopted and implemented.

Please visit the AusBG membership page for more information or contact the Group Administrator.

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